DataONE R Client

An R package that provides read/write access to data and metadata from the DataONE network of Member Node data repositories. Member Nodes in DataONE are independent data repositories that have adopted the DataONE services for interoperability, making each of the repositories accessible to client tools such as the DataONE R Client using a standard interface. The DataONE R Client can be used to access data files and to write new data and metadata files to nodes in the DataONE network.


The currently supported version requires two R packages, dataone and dataonelibs (which provides the Java libraries necessary for the dataone package to function):

Documentation for the DataONE R Client is provided as help files within the R framework, and is downloadable in PDF format:

Installation Notes

The easiest way to install the client is via the CRAN repository:

> install.packages("dataonelibs")

> install.packages("dataone")

Alternatively, you can download and install the package manually from this web site above and, after downloading the package, install it using:

$ R CMD install dataonelibs_1.0.0.tar.gz

$ R CMD install dataone_1.0.0.tar.gz

This package uses rJava to bind to the Java client libraries. Be sure to install rJava for your particular version of R and Java.

Once installed, the package can be run in R using:

$ R
> library(dataone)
Loading required package: rJava
Loading required package: XML
Loading required package: dataonelibs

> help(dataone)


The DataONE R Client is licensed as open source software under the Apache 2.0 license.