Coordinating Node RequirementsΒΆ

This list of requirements for Coordinating Node functionality was developed during a brainstorming session at the 20090602 ABQ VDC-TWG meeting.


Estimate some times for the unknowns here.

  • IDs not discoverable until all CNs have confirmed copy
  • Metadata searches return in max xxx secs
  • CN can store and search > xxx metadata records
  • CN can store and search multiple metadata standards - specifically (list Metadata_formats_of_interest.txt)
  • CN can load-balance to maximize performance
  • Any xxx CNs can be offline without affecting D1 services
  • xxx concurrent transactions can be supported - different for different types of transaction e.g. delete vs. insert
  • Each CN should be available xxx% time
  • CN should expose MD in search within xxx secs of insert by MN
  • CN services should be designed to be independently scalable
  • CN services should be geographically replicated
  • CN have complete metadata copies from all MNs
  • D1 should be TRAC and/or DRAMBORA trusted repositories
  • CN should respect replication policies of MNs
  • CN should ensure that any given data set is available at any time (subject to policy restrictions) even when xxx% of MNs are offline
  • CNs must validate that: - data are available at all replicas - replicas are valid
  • CNs ensure that data are available in current formats (data format upgrade?)
  • CNs should be economical to run and maintain
  • CNs should be able to be remotely administered
  • CNs should be secure and deflect malicious intent
  • CNs should provide services to detect rogue data (viruses, copyright, )

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