Use Case 07 - CN Batch Upload (Dupe of UC06)ΒΆ

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Batch Operations - Coordinating Node requests metadata /data list from new Member Node and then batch upload (disable indexing for example to improve insert performance).
This is a dupe of Use Case 06 after refactoring that use case use a pull mechanism to retrieve changed records. The intent is to streamline the retrieval of large amounts of content from a MN, which perhaps involves turning of indexing and other potentially time consuming operations to speed the upload process.
  • Coordinating Node
  • Member Node
  • Large amount of metadata data is required to be uploaded to the CN
  • Indication of a large amount of content to retrieves from a MN
Post Conditions
  • The upload is completed, CN synchronization is completed, MN replication is scheduled.

Figure 1. Interactions for use case 07.

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